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Career Clusters:

  • Education

  • Health Science

  • Information Technology

  • Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Newberry County Career Center
Our mission is to engage students at all levels in educational experiences that ensure success and life-long learning. Early childhood programs including pre-kindergarten and Montessori classrooms (ages three to grade 5) are available in many of our elementary schools. 
Our middle schools are working with students to develop individual graduation plans that are implemented in our high schools to prepare our students to be college and career ready. Learning opportunities for our middle school students include STEM through Gateway to Technology courses that emphasize math, science, and technology. 

In our high schools, we strive to provide a comprehensive curriculum to address individual needs of all of our students. This framework design allows for an integrated, multi-dimensional approach to planning for the future that helps students become successful learners for high school and beyond. The curriculum and instruction is provided in five areas of study: Arts and Humanities; Business Management and Information Systems; Engineering, Manufacturing and Industrial Technology; Health Science and Human Services and Public Services. We provide a dual credit program with local colleges as well as advanced placement programs allowing students to gain college credit during high school. 

The competency-based curriculum at the Newberry County Career Center enables students to acquire skills and knowledge for gaining employment and reflects the employment needs of local businesses and industries, as well as those within our state, the nation and globally. We provide specialized skills, hands-on training, work-bas
ed experiences such as internships, and appropriate workplace ethics.

Fun Fact
We are the second largest employer in Newberry County.

Primary Careers and Earnings Potential
Teachers: Starting pay = $44,000 and up (education/experience level apply)

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