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Company Description

HTI (Human Technologies, Inc.) has been creating unique solutions to combat employers’ most challenging issues and has gained a proven track record of excellence in workforce and project management, earning both local and international awards and recognition. As a result, we partner with some of the greatest companies in the world and continue to grow by creating new partnerships every year. Employers partner with us because we believe in finding and keeping the best people from entry-level to top tier management.

Fun Facts
Our company started over 20 years ago in Greenwood and then moved to Greenville. Since we have expanded to numerous locations that spread across 6 states.
Primary Careers & Earning Potential
Our opportunities internally start at entry level admins and recruiters (30K-40K) and go up from there as we grow. We also offer external placement and recruiting for all types of opportunities and pay.

Career Cluster:

  • Business Management & Administration

  • Human Services

  • Manufacturing

  • Marketing

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